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Teaching Stories woven around artwork by Zhaawano and kindred artists


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The Seven Grandfather Teachings

Read about the traditional worldview and the Seven Grandfather Teachings of the Anishinaabe Peoples of Turtle Island.

Fisher Star Creations art blog: An overview

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Blog introduction: Who am I and what brings me here?

Blog theme 1: Star Stories

Blog theme 2: Teachings of the Eagle Feather

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Blog theme 3: Reflections of the Great Lakes

Blog theme 4: Teachings from the Tree of Life

Theme image of the blog series Teachings from the Tree of Life by Zhaawano

Blog theme 5: The Way of the Heartbeat

Blog theme 6: Stories from the Land of Crane and Turtle

Wiinabozho's Magic Bow by Zhaawano Giizhik
Wiidigemaaganag pen and ink drawing by Native Woodland artist Zhaawano Giizhik

Blog theme 7: Love Stories from the Land of Many Lakes

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Blog Theme 8: What's Your Doodem

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