The Promise

Ojibwe First Nations Woodland painter Simone McLeod acrylic on water watercolor paper Nakodamowin (The Promise)

Nakodamowin (The Promise)

Artist : Simone McLeod

Acrylic on Arches watercolor paper, 2014

22 x 30 inch (ca. 55.9 x 76,2 cm)

Original:  1,120 CAD/ 896 USD*/ 790 EUR*

Product code : SZPF-20



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The promise of a life together into eternity

This painting, beautiful and vibrant with color, is an acrylic on watercolor-paper work I did in February 2014. It is about a relationship that begins in the earth and travels on four levels of human existence, eventually ending up with the Great Mystery once again to be reborn. The colors of each person make up the beautiful bed of flowers, like the birth of two children born of the earth, interconnected and entwined with nature. The version of them, older than the flowers yet younger than the elders they become, is vibrant and it is the only time they ever really have a chance to touch. They cannot touch ever even though they may be a very big part of each other's lives and being. As time goes on, they exist on the same plane. Travelling together slowly for all eternity, knowing no boundaries and knowing and being aware of each other until they grow old. That is when they disappear from these realms to end up together again with the Great Mystery. Alone at last existing where the sky is the limit, entwined and interconnected with nature, people, spirits. This is what life is about and this is what love can overcome!

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