Wenabozho and the Storytellers' Mirror

Nanabush and the Storytellers' Mirror

Wenabozho Miinawaa Ayaadizookedjig Waabandizowin
Artist : Zhaawano Giizhik
Medium : Digital painting 
© Zhaawano Giizhik   

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Nanabozho and the Storyteller's Mirror

The sacred tale of Wenabozho and the Storytellers' Mirror; the beginning of a remarkable collaboration

The visions, dreams, and adventures of the Great Storyteller Hero Wenabozho fill the minds of children sitting spellbound as they listen to Grandfather's stories...

This painting, which I made in a time span of two moons, was completed in 2012, on the third day of the Maple Syrup Moon. This day, April 3th, marks the beginning of a friendship and cooperation between two kindred artists, one a jeweler and a graphic artist and the other a painter and a poet and both storytellers at heart, each in their own right. Countless beautiful tales have been spun around the mystery of the Storytellers' Mirror ever since and - although the collaboration ended on the third day of the Great Spirit Moon of 2019 - still the story goes on...

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