Purezza del Cuore

A classic platinum men's ring with a superior comfort fit

Purezza del Cuore platinum gent's ring

Purezza del Cuore - Purety of Heart

Material: 950 platinum
Shape: soft curves: highly domed on the outside and inside with rounded, slighty pointed edges
Fit: comfort fit de luxe*
Construction: platinum wire
Finish: plain, high polish
Width: 0.118 inch
Hight: 0.0787 inch
Prices from:

1,106.00 USD/1,342.00 CAD (0.118 inch wide (sic)) (high round outside)**
1,210.00 USD/1,468.00 CAD (0.157 inch wide) (medium round outside)**
1,325.00 USD/1,605.00 CAD (0.1968 inch wide) (slightly rounded outside)**
Order#: Disegno-1


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*Provided with an extra curved inside resulting in a very comfortable fit.
**Prices are indicative and depend on the current platinum price and ring sizes. Shipping costs included, US and Canadian tax rates excluded.

"Without a pure heart there can be no inner peace."

Ringscheenprofiel comfort de luxe Purezza del Cuore

Ring shank profile of a 0.1968 inch wide Purezza del Cuore ring showing a slightly domed outside and rounded, slightly pointed edges and a highly domed interior



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