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Native American-inspired jewelry & fine art: A unique project by jeweler Zhaawano

Jewelry artist designer sharing Anishinaabe stories under the light of the Fisher Star

Native Woodland artist Zhaawano Giizhik presents to you with a grateful heart his art project named ZhaawanArt Fisher Star, a venture of unbound Love, Vision, and Creativity in the ancient and sacred tradition of the Anishinaabe and Cree storytellers. The traditional, allegorical narrative of the Fisher Star, Zhaawano's favorite tale, runs through his blood and his works of art. Not only does Zhaawano offer you as a jewelry artist and storyteller at heart an exciting variety of exclusive handcrafted jewelry and wedding and clan rings; on occasion he uses his website as a unique platform for showcasing poetry and fine art by kindred Medicine Painter artists as well, who draw from the same cultural and artistic source as he does.

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Manidoo Waabiwin (Seeing in a Spirit Way) Native American style sterling silver eagle feather rings

In today's spotlight:

Seeing in a Spirit Way: the appliqued wing feathers of these sterling silver wedding rings, titled Manidoo Waabiwin (Seeing in a Spirit Way, literaly: spirit-seeing), symbolize manidoo (spirit), reminding the wearer of the ring that eagle feathers, regardless if they are from the bald eagle or the golden eagle, have the power to convey human thoughts and feelings and provide persons with an opportuni­ty to speak directly to the spirits with debwewin (a straight mind) and bekide’ewin (a pure heart). So highly esteemed were his spiritual powers that in the old days, an Anishinaabe person would never gaze up to a flying eagle without offering a prayer with asemaa (the sacred tobacco) in his or her hand!

The sparkling blue sapphire adorning the feather of the ladies' ring represents the eagle's vision, emphasizing that he flies high above the earth and sees all that is sacred and true. Please click the red button to view details.

Seeing in a Spirit Way ring set

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Zhaawano's Talking Pieces: contemporary storyteller jewelry and wedding rings - inspired by Native American Anishinaabe Clan & Storytelling traditions

ZhaawanArt Fisher Star Creations is proud to offer you a great variety of one-of-a-kind, highly finished Native American-inspired wedding rings, wedding jewelry, storyteller jewelry, and clan rings, all made of Eco-friendly gold, silver, platinum, and various other metals.

Throughout the years Woodland Art jeweler Zhaawano, who usually handcrafts his talking pieces from materials like 14 or 18K gold, sterling silver, platinum, palladium, zirconium, titanium, steel, and precious stones, developed a distinctly personal style, drawing on traditional Native American silver and goldsmithing techniques as well as on Ojibwe (Anishinaabe) form and symbol, yet adding his own contemporary sense of color and design. Each and every piece, designed and made by hand with a special prayer, tells a unique story; every single project that leaves his workbench shows certain personal touches of his artistry, his individual style showing through the larger traditions.

A unique collection of Storyteller rings based on the Teachings of the Midewiwin

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The road to regaining pride in culture and self

 Digital artwork by Woodland jeweler Zhaawano Giizhik expressing pride in Ojibwe Anishinaabe culture

Native Spirit of the Fisher Star

Being a contemporary Native Woodland artist inspired by the past, Zhaawano looks to the traditional symbols of the Anishinaabe Peoples as a foundation of a great variety of jewelry designs, poetry, and written stories. By using ‘spirit memory’, the remembrance of ancestral knowledge, Zhaawano seeks to re-introduce through his works of art and stories (and, on occasion, through the works of of kindred artists) the ancient world view of his People and channel it into the contemporary consciousness. In other words, he uses his skills and acuteness to find artistic ways to translate the cultural expressions of yesterday into the language of today, and render them into contemporary imagery that captivates the minds, opens up the hearts, and fires the imagination of everyone who lays eyes on it.
This art project, or creative collaboration of kindred spirits, is called "Native Spirit of the Fisher Star."
Native Spirit of the Fisher Star was initiated by Zhaawano in the hope to be able to help his People make aware of, and give them a sense of pride in, their culture and the lifeways of the ancestors - and, most important of all, to help them regain a quiet and benign sense of pride in themselves and make them aware of all that they can accomplish in the here and now.
Miigwech for embarking with Fisher Star Creations on this wonderful creative and spiritual journey...
- Illustration: "The First Feather", digital art by Zhaawano
Native American wedding rings traditional Anishinaabe wedding

Click on the above image of the wedding couple to learn more about the Seven Grandfather Teachings of the Anishinaabe Midewiwin that provide a unique theme to my jewelry, wedding & clan rings, and written stories.

- Illustration: Pen-and-ink drawing by Zhaawano