A Dancing Butterfly Shows Us the Way

Anishinaabe gold wedding rings depicting a Midewiwin Life Road and butterflies

Title : Memengwaa Niimi Miinawaa Miikanaakaw (A Dancing Butterfly Shows Us The Way)
Type : Ojibwe-style graphic overlay wedding ring
Materials : 14K rose gold; interiors of 14K warm yellow gold; inlays of 14K red gold
Width : 0.472 in (12 mm)
Set price from : 2,386.00 USD* / 3,046.00 CAD* / 2.400,00 EUR**
Item : WISDOM-10

*Prices are indicative and depend on the current gold price and ring sizes. Shipping costs included, US and Canadian tax rates excluded.

**Prices are indicative and depend on the ring sizes and the current gold price and exchange rates. Shipping costs excluded, Dutch BTW included.

Please note  that persons who hold a Canadian First Nations status card and live and work on their reserve are generally tax exempt.


PLEASE NOTE: The cost of gold, silver, and platinum is fluctuating weekly. Although prices on this website are being updated on a regular base, they are merely indicative. zhaawano@gmail.com for a customized price quotation if you find a set of wedding or clan rings or a piece of jewelry you are interested in ordering. Please do not forget to mention the item number and the exact ring sizes in case you ask for a price quotation for wedding rings or clan rings.

Some considerations when measuring ring sizes:

Since the wider a ring is, the tighter it will fit, please note that your sizes must be measured with a ring sizer (a jeweler's wedding band gauge) of the same width as the rings of your choice.

The best size is usually the ring that fits snugly and gives a little resistance when you take it off. If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

 If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

About the wedding rings

Memengwaa Niimi Miinawaa Miikanaakaw: “A Dancing Butterfly Shows Us the Way,” or, more literal, “A Butterfly Dances and Prepares a Trail.” Thus is the title of these unique wedding bands designed and handcrafted by Woodland Art jeweler Zhaawano. (The literal translation of miikanaakaw is: “he or she paves the way for someone”.)

The title of the wedding bands refers to the symbolic meaning of memengwaa or butterfly – its stylized design visible in the interiors of both rings – in combination with the age-old symbol of the Midewiwin Life Road , which the jeweler depicted in the exteriors of the bands.

This capriciously stylized road with seven side roads or digressions symbolizes the life path of two persons who share their joys and sorrows with each other. The dancing menengwaag on the insides of the rings show the married couple the way through the curves of Life and guide them around pitfalls and barriers that they individually and as a couple encounter along the way.

But above all, the dancing Menengwaag remind them how important it is not just to know how to walk, but how to walk together – and even run together (strive hard) if need be in order to keep their marriage healthy and strong and – in a broader sense - to keep their family and their People well.

Visit our art blog to read more about the symbolic meaning of these wedding rings - and to enjoy the amazing story of how Wiinabozho created the butterflies!

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