Our Elder Brother Wolf / On the Path of Seeming Contradictions

Ojibwe-style graphic overlay rings depicting the Mide Life Road and wolf paws

Title : Nisayenh Ma'iingan/Aazhideyendamowinan Miikanang (Our Elder Brother Wolf/On The Path Of Seeming Contradictions)
Type : Ojibwe-style graphic overlay wedding ring with cut-out designs in both exterior and interior (The Life Road and a stylized wolf paw) 
Materials : 14K palladium white gold; interiors of 14K red gold with wolf paw inlays of 14K palladium white gold. OR: sterling silver.
Width : 0.35 in / 9 mm and 0.315 in (8 mm)
Set price from
2,115.00 USD* / 2,847.00 CAD* / 2.300,00 EUR** (WISDOM-12 G)
730.00 USD*** / 920.00 CAD*** / 730,00 EUR** (WISDOM-12 S)

Item : WISDOM-12 G (Executed in gold )
          WISDOM-12 S (Executed in sterling silver )


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***Prices depend on the current silver price and EUR/DOLLAR exchange rates. Shipping costs excluded, US and Canadian tax rates excluded.

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