Ojibwe wedding ring collection Debwewin (Truth)

Debwewin , or Truth, is the title of the seventh and last line of wedding rings that you find on this website. To know Debwewin is to understand and acknowledge all other six Grandfather-lessons. The Grandfathers chose Aki, the Earth, and Miskwaadesi, the Painted Turtle, to represent the teaching of Debwewin because Mother Aki is the source of all life and Grandmother Turtle is a wise person who stands strong and stable in life. Being among the slowest of all creatures, Turtle understands that the journey is just as important as the destination. Enh geget, what the seventh Grandfather Teaching tells us is this: Be wise like Aki, our Earthmother. Be tough like Grandmother Miskwaadesi. Never forget where we come from and why it is we are here. Be wise, be genuine, be faithful, be strong. Speak the truth and always be true to yourself and to others.

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