Our Love Will Take Flight

Native-American wedding bands of gold and silver with Ojibwe grapic overlay designs

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Title: Ninzaagi'iwewininaan W'daa Bimise (Our Love Will Take Flight)
Type : Ojibwe-style graphic overlay wedding ring
Materials : 14K warm yellow gold, inlays of a stylized hawk feather and a butterfly of 14K red gold, sterling silver interiors
Width : 0.39 inch / 10 mm
Set price from : 1,992 USD* / 2,610 CAD* / 2.054 EUR**
Item: RESPECT-21
*Shipping costs included, US and Canadian tax rates excluded.
**Shipping costs excluded, Dutch BTW included.

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The Butterfly And The Hawk

The butterfly and the hawk. Being somewhat paradoxical metaphors of, respectively, nimbleness and carefreeness, and strength, persistence, and vision, these winged creatures symbolize the love between two people. Love has two sides: serious and solid, and also playful and vulnerable.

The stylized hawk feather featuring both wedding bands represents the first two features, the inlaid butterfly the second.

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