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Native American engagement ring eagle feather set Manidoo-miinikaanan

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Title: Manidoo-miinikaanan (Spirit Seeds)
Type : Eagle feather engagement ring, comfort fit ring shanks
Materials & details : 14K yellow gold ring shanks; 0.236 x 0.118 inch (6 x 3 mm) pointed oval-cut turquoise cabochon and a white 0.06 ct. brilliant-cut diamond (Top Wesselton-V.V.S.I.- F/G-(2-2)-422) mounted on 14K red gold feathers. Both stones are set in 14K yellow gold bezels.
Price of ring (set with turquoise) from : 1,368 USD* / 1,523 CAD* / 1.270 EUR**
Price of ring (set with diamond) from : 1,560 USD* / 1,735 CAD* / 1.380 EUR**
Item number : LOVE-4

*Shipping costs included, US and Canadian tax rates excluded.
Shipping costs excluded, Dutch BTW included.

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* Persons who hold a Canadian First Nations status card  and live and work on their reserve are generally tax exempt

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A tribute to the first sounds of Creation in the morning

Jeweler artist Zhaawano designed and handcrafted these bicolor gold Two-Spirit wedding rings from 14K yellow gold (the ring shanks) and 14K red gold (the stylized eagle feathers).

The oval-cut pointed turquoise cabochon, which the jeweler cut by hand from a turquoise nugget, and the brilliant-cut white diamond in the engagement rings symbolize plant seeds that awaken as soon as the first rays of Gimishoomisinaan Giizis (Our Grandfather Sun) wake up nature and Migizi (the White-headed Eagle) spreads her wings and dives across the Great Lakes in the direction of the land of E-bangishimog, the Spirit of the West. The jeweler’s ancestors knew that the awakening of the seedbuds and the plant seeds that are hidden in the Earthmother are the first silent sounds of Creation at dawn.

The gold eagle feathers adorning the engagement rings represent the mighty dive of the Eagle flying across the waters of the lakes toward the West. The red gold of the feathers symbolize Sundown; the yellow gold of the stone mountings and the circular shape of the ring shanks are reminiscent of the light, respectively the daily cycle, of the Sun. The East and the South are also represented in the rings: the blue of the turquoise stands for the southern sky, source of warmth, rain, and abundance, and the sparkling fire of the white diamond symbolizes the Eastern sky, source of Light. After all, it is in the East that every new day the power and the beauty of Creation – made visible through the colorful design elements of these wedding rings - awaken and ignite…

Manidoowi miinikaanense.
Niigiwin manidoowin.
Miinikaanense w'da-gikinawaajinowaan abinoojiin.
Miinikaanense manidoowi, w'da mashki-akiiwi.

The seed is a mystery.
Growth is a mystery.
The seed symbolizes a child.
The seed is possessed by spirit, it will heal like earth's medicine.

(- Ritualistic thanksgiving chant of the Anishinaabe Waabanowin/ Society of the Dawn)

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