White gold wedding rings set Oshkigin

Title:  Oshkigin (New Growth)
Type : Eagle feather wedding ring, comfort fit ring shanks
Materials : 14K white gold, 14K yellow gold bezel, 0.31 ct VVS marquise-cut
0.236 x 0.118 inch (6x3 mm) white diamond or a 0.236 x 0.118 inch (6x3 mm) moissanite stone***
Set price from : 2,720.00 USD* / 3,565.00 CAD* / 2.890,00 EUR** (diamond in the ladies' ring)
Set price from :  2,110.00 USD* /  2,872.00 CAD*
 / 2.210,00 EUR** (moissanite in the ladies' ring)
Price men's ring from : 915.00 USD* / 1,250.00 CAD* / 890,00 EUR**
Price ladies' ring mounted with a diamond  from : 1,920.00 USD* / 2,615.00 CAD* / 2.000 EUR **
Price ladies' ring mounted with a moissanite from 1,305.00 USD* / 1,776.00 CAD* / 1.320,00 EUR*

Item number : LOVE-3D (ladies' ring mounted wit a diamond)
Item number: LOVE-3M (ladies' ring mounted wit a moissanite)
*Shipping costs included, US and Canadian tax rates excluded.
**Shipping costs excluded, Dutch BTW included.

> Click here to view a sterling silver version of the above wedding ring set.

N.B. Prices are indicative and depend on ring sizes, the current gold and diamond prices, and the current EURO/DOLLAR exchange rates. Please note that persons holding a Canadian First Nations status card and living and working on their reserve  are generally tax exempt .         

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Dream of a white-headed eagle

In a dream I had in the spring of 2012, a white headed eagle from the east – I think she came from the east as her mighty wings bathed in a brilliant white light - landed in an azaadi (poplar tree) whose slender branches showed blade-tipped leaves sprouting spontaneously.

Once the tree was covered with fresh green leaves the eagle spread her wings again and followed the path of the sun along the southern sky.

The next morning I sat at my workbench and responded by creating this white gold eagle feather wedding ring set, the elegant marquise-cut 0.31 carat diamond in the ladies’ ring stylized after the budding leaves from the dream.

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***Some differences between diamond and moissanite

Moissanite  is a rare gem, a precious gift from our Mother the Earth, discovered in a meteorite crater located in Canyon Diablo, Arizona, in 1893. It is durable and tough (as it is extremely resistant to scratching, abrasion, breaking, or chipping), and more brilliant (has more rainbow colors) than diamond. Also, it doesn’t have the natural inclusions and cloudiness that diamond has.

Thanks to a dispersion that’s 2.4 times higher than diamond, moissanite bends light into mesmerizing rainbow flashes of fire - more than twice as much as diamond.

Moissanite is extremely resistant to scratching and abrasion. Diamond is the hardest gemstone used in jewelry but moissanite, with a hardness of 9.25, is harder than all other gemstones including ruby and sapphire.

The Moissanite stones that we use in our wedding rings , recreated in a lab through a patented thermal growing process, are all high-quality gems precisely hand-cut by a master gem cutter from Charles & Colvard. The technology used creates maximum brilliance, intensifying an ultimate fire, and guaranteeing an unmatched brilliance and fire for life.

A moissanite gemstone, eco-friendly  because of its less exploitative mining practices necessary to obtain it, makes it a popular alternative to diamonds . Last but not least, moissanite costs a fraction of the price of a comparable diamond, which makes our wedding rings much more affordable .