Growth is a Mystery

Ojibwe-style white gold Native American eagle feather wedding rings set with emerald

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Title: Niigiwin Manidoowan ("Birth is a Spiritual Thing")
Type : Eagle feather ring,
comfort fit ring shanks
Materials : 14K white gold, a 0.236 x 0.118 inch (6x3 mm) marquise-cut emerald set in a 14K yellow gold bezel in the ladies' ring. 
Set p rice from : 2,025.00 USD* / 2,640.00 CAD*
 / 2.275,00 EUR**
Price men's ring from : 825,00 USD* / 1,074.00 CAD* / 890,00 EUR**
Price ladies' ring from
1,200.00 USD* / 1,565.00 CAD* / 1.385,00 EUR**
Item number : LOVE-12

*Shipping costs included, US and Canadian tax rates excluded. Please note that persons who hold a Canadian First Nations status card  and live and work on their reserve  are generally tax exempt .
**Shipping costs excluded, Dutch BTW included.
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Some considerations when measuring ring sizes:

Since the wider a ring is, the tighter it will fit, please note that your sizes must be measured with a ring sizer (a jeweler's wedding band gauge) of the same width as the rings of your choice.

The best size is usually the ring that fits snugly and gives a little resistance when you take it off. If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

Birth and Growth are Mysteries

These elegant white gold relation rings are titled niigiwin manidoowan, which means “growth is a mystery” (lit.: “birth mystery”). The design of the rings tells a story of the physical and spiritual bond between two lovers. In a broader perspective, however, the rings represent the organic commitment between a couple and the primary sources of life: our mother the Earth and our father the Sky. In a way, the combination of the symbol of the eagle feather and the color of the green emerald (which stands for growth) in the woman’s ring tells a story of the person wearing it.

The 0.24” X 0.12” marquise-cut emerald, mounted in a yellow gold setting, symbolizes a miinikaan (seed); the precious stone stands, in color and form, for the fertile earth in springtime, when the seeds sprout forth from the earth and life returns to the land. It also epitomizes the first sound of creation, and the time of morning. The stylized white gold eagle feathers adorning both rings suggest the omnipresence of the sky and the light of the eastern direction and, in a metaphorical sense, the spiritual quality surrounding us in life.

All these entities, earth and sky, birth and rebirth, the magical connection between the material and the immaterial, fertility and the light of the day, come together in the design and represent the deep and organic love that two people feel for each other.

Manidoowi miinikaanense.
Niigiwin manidoowin.
Miinikaanense w'da-gikinaawajinowaan abinoojiin.
Miinikaanense manidoowi, w'da-mashki-akiiwi.

'The small seed is a mystery.
Birth is a mystery.
The small seed symbolizes a child.
The small seed is mystical, it will heal like earth's medicine.'

- Ritual words of thanksgiving in the Autumn ceremony of the Waabanoowiwin, Anishinaabe Society of Dawn, when a kernel of corn is planted as a symbolic petition for Life and Health.

Source: ZhaawanArt blog


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