A Flower of Fire Symbolizes Our Love

Wedding rings Shkode-waabigonii, N`Zaagi'idiwininaan A Flower Of Fire, Our Love

Wedding rings product information

Title:  Shkode-waabigonii, Nizaagi'idiwininaan ( A Flower Of Fire Symbolizes Our Love)
Type : Eagle feather ring, comfort fit ring shanks
Materials : 14K yellow gold, a 0.236 x 0.118 inch (6x3 mm) marquise-cut red ruby mounted on the ladies' ring's feather.
Set p rice from : 2,048.00 USD* / 2,675.00 CAD* / 2.210.00 EUR**
Price men's ring from : 806,00 USD* / 1,053.00 CAD* / 890,00 EUR**
Price ladies' ring from
1,220.00 USD* / 1,595.00 CAD* / 1.320.00 EUR**
Item number : LOVE-1

*Shipping costs included, US and Canadian tax rates excluded. Please note that persons who hold a Canadian First Nations status card  and live and work on their reserve  are generally tax exempt .
**Shipping costs excluded, Dutch BTW included.

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About the wedding rings

The design of these wedding rings, a stylized eagle feather, the ladies' ring featuring an asymmetrically set red ruby, is inspired on a sacred chant that roughly translates into: 

“The flower Of Fire 
Will come to my aid” 

It is part of a sacred love song about a man presenting an ishkodebagonii (cardinal flower) to his love...


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