Ojibwe wedding ring collection Gwayakwaadiziwin (Honesty)

Gwayakwaadiziwin , meaning Honesty or Righteousness, is the fifth of the Grandfather Teachings that you find on this website. Our ancestors looked at the giant named Gichi-misaabe and at Gaagaagii, the Raven, for the ones who model this Teaching. Gichi-misaabe, a friendly, four-legged giant from the forests who, when he is among humans, walks on two legs, reminds us to be honest to the Great Mystery and to ourselves and not to be someone we are not. An honest person is said to walk tall like him. Gaagaagii the Raven, too, understands the virtues of Honesty and Integrity. Being the less attractive of the bird nation he accepts himself and knows how to use his gift. He does not seek the power, speed, or beauty of the Eagle, the Falcon, and the Swan. He knows in his heart that honesty and to speak truthfully are the most important of all virtues.

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