Hopi-inspired wedding ring collection Zoongide'ewin (Courage)

Zoongide'ewin , which literally means "strength of heart", is the fourth of the seven Grandfather Teachings. Ajijaak (Crane) and Makwa (Bear) model the virtue of courage. Crane stands for Moral Leadership; Bear is a healer who shows the People the way into the dream world; she is also symbolic of bravery, guardianship, and motherhood. Makwa teaches us that we need to face and overcome fear and danger and foster moral courage in ourselves and our offspring in order to live a good life.

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The above wedding rings show abstract images of the eagle feather These designs, which are inspired on the geometric design of Hopi pottery  and fashioned with the aid of the overlay technique that made the Hopi silversmiths famous, honor the spirit of Migizi , the Bald Eagle. Our ancestors teach us that Grandfather Bear and Grandfather Eagle are connected spirits. It is Migizi who represents the Teaching of Love and it is he who shows mankind that wisdom and courage cannot exist without each other. There is great wisdom in understanding that one cannot know love unless one is courageous...