Midewiwin Life Road wedding rings by Zhaawano slide show
Ojibwe wedding rings line Love slide show
Ojibwe wedding rings line Respect slide show
Spirit if Gichigami Midewiwin wedding ring slide show
Ojibwe wedding rings line Wisdom slide show
Courage Hopi wedding rings line slide show
Titanium wedding rings top bar slide show
Native American jewelry compilation by Zhaawano slide show
Black zirconium wedding bands by Zhaawano top bar
Ojibwe wedding bands from Wisdom series by Zhaawano slide show
White gold wedding rings by Zhaawano slide show
Ojibwe wedding rings line Zaagi'idiwin slide show
Anishinaabe graphic overlay wedding bands by Zhaawano slide show
Titanium and diamond wedding bands by Zhaawano top bar
Courage Hopi wedding rings line slide show
Wedding rings line Honesty top bar slide show
Wedding rings compilation by Zhaawano Giizhik top bar
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Native American-inspired wedding rings and bracelets

Unique designs based on the Seven Ojibwe Grandfather Teachings

Gold & silver wedding jewelry as elegant expressions of Anishinaabe spirit

Each wedding or engagement ring set or jewelry piece that you find on this page is an original work of art, designed and crafted by hand in our studio with much love, imaginiation, and care. All of our wedding rings and bracelets and engagement rings reflect a myriad of teachings, dreams, and visions as they blend a proud Anishinaabe/First Nations heritage with the original artistry and long-practiced craftsmanship of the maker, Woodland Art jeweler-storyteller Zhaawano. Click here to read about the Teachings that form the base of the eight wedding jewelry lines that you see below. Click on the below red buttons to enter the menus of your choice. Click here if you are interested in our clan wedding rings and clan jewelry...

Ojibwe storyteller wedding rings and bracelets

With the traditional stories and imagery of Zhaawano’s ancestors and their spirit of wisdom and creativity shining through, Fisher Star Wedding Rings creates a highly contemporary statement of quality and style just for you.

We offer you a choice of images that reflect Zhaawano's wedding ring and clan ring designs as elegant and unique expressions of Native American spirit, merging today's aestethics with the spiritual/artistic expressions and themes of generations past.

Each new design that leaves Zhaawano's workbench is a modern storyteller medium that speaks a visual language that is deeply rooted in the oral and pictorial traditions of his Native ancestors, the Ojibwe Anishinaabe Peoples from the rapids and waterfalls of what is now Michigan's Upper Peninsula.

Browse the website and let the story richness and magic symbolism of Zhaawano’s wedding ring collections enchant and inspire you. Then contact the jeweler and he will gladly assist you and your partner with making these stories into your OWN story, that could only be told by YOU.


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2016.03.20 Written by James Lussier
This is right up my alley, I will promote This to the fullest ...I dream of this as a life walk.. I make bead works, also tinker in clothes.. Powwow crafts Stand was accomplishment of mine&wish to do fulltime..uzotaai
2015.01.10 Written by Gloria Bateman
Your wedding rings are not only beautifully crafted but share valuable teaching stories as well. Hay-hay!
2014.12.22 Written by Gene Bundy
Stunning wedding ring collection, great stories. Meegwetch!

Feel the heart and soul of the Fisher Star wedding rings collection

Immerse yourself and your partner in the fascinating world of Fisher Star Anishinaabe wedding rings. Feel the heart and soul of Zhaawano's wedding ring and doodem (clan) ring designs! Explore the pictographic-like lines and patterns that feature much of his work, and which are a gateway to the ancient, mysterious Woodland culture beyond...Reflect yourself in the age-old stories revealed for you through the highly polished or matte surfaces of his graphic overlay rings and designer rings... 

Then pick a special set or piece that speaks to your soul, that you both will love and treasure for as long as the trees and the flowers grow and the sun and the moon and the stars shine high above. 

It is our hope that the content of this website will provide an inspiring theme to your wedding, and that you and your patner will  forever fall in love with a beautiful piece and wear for the rest of your lives a special, handcrafted set of Zhaawano's handcrafted Fisher Star Anishinaabe wedding rings...

Ring sizing information

When ordering, make sure to mention the exact sizes of the wedding bands of your choice. Please note that professional sizing methods are more reliable and accurate than online or at-home methods. Professional sizing can be done at a local reputable jeweler.

It is important to take into account the width of your band as wider bands typically require a larger size to fit comfortably. It is therefore always best to be sized with a ring sizer of the same width as that of of the ring you intend to purchase.