The Flower and the Star

Waabigwan Miinawaa Anang (The Flower and the Star) acrylic on canvas by Simone McLeod

Waabigwan Miinawaa Anang (The Flower and the Star) (2014)
Artist: Simone McLeod      
Acrylic on canvas, impasto sculpture technique; 22 x 60 inch (ca. 55.9 x 152.4 cm)
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"This painting, which is loosely based on the traditional Ojibwe tale of the Trail Of Vine, is very special to me. I am not wanting to sell it. I will title it as soon as it comes to me. It took over a year to build in my heart. Then after living in my car so long, I could not start it. Now that I stopped moving for a while, it took five days working with impasto sculpting that intricate vine. Each thorn each leaf. It has life in it."

- Simone McLeod, October 7, 2014

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