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Running with Gichi-misaabe

I had a Dream - I dreamt that I was running with Zhaawano Giizhik, we were like children running and laughing and it was like there were no worries, just childlike enthusiasm for life and all its gifts. The thing is that we were not running alone. We were running and playing under a giant. The giant ran with us. We were never afraid that he would step on us. We were not afraid that we could get hurt by it. We ran with trust and peace.

When I visited The Land of the Giants (Ontario) I stopped a lot to gaze in wonder at the spirits in the rocks. I swear it was like I could see them sleeping. I found the inspiration of my fellow Anishinaabe Artists who are from the Woodllands, I also came to realize how the woods, the rocks, hills, rivers, and the vast lakes and valleys, where water pools create the most beautiful mirrors in the mind of a child or an artist, inspire one's heart. This interconnectedness is apparent. One does not need to know the big words to be able to sit and paint when one hears with their heart.

I wander the earth now, getting to know people, learning new traditions from all our nations, meeting women and grandmothers who, if they call me, I am there, no matter how far! It was a calling and the things I learned on this trip will be with me forever. I wish now that I could settle in one spot for a few months before deciding which direction I will take, the only thing I know for sure is that I will take my time and with a lot of luck, share your time with you. 

Life is beautiful!

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2021.03.27 Written by Diane Owen
Your words are beautiful. Your paintings are inspirational. Miigwech/Marcee
2019.09.26 Written by Marvin Wawia
Good to see you are doing great work, Simone. When are you coming back to Vancouver?