Ninge Nimanaaji'enim (Honouring My Mother)

Honouring My Mother

Ninge Nimanaaji'enim (Honouring My Mother) (2014)  
Artist: Simone McLeod Ninge Nimanaaji'enim (Honouring My Mother)       
Acrylic on canvas 24 x 24 inch (ca. 61 x 61 cm); deep-edge textured canvas

3,600.00 CAD/3,050.00 USD*/2.240,00 EUR*    
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About the painting

Honouring My Mother acrylic painting by Simone McLeod

This unique deep-edge textured canvas is a tribute to Simone’s late mother who was a fourth grade member of the Midewiwin. The artist says the following about the painting: “My mother often shared things from her childhood and talked to me about ceremonies from back home. This began when I was very young and I was ignorant as to what she meant, at times thinking that she was not of sound mind. When I was late in my teen years and life was becoming so hard for me to even want to wake in the mornings, she took me to my first ceremony where her people are from. It was there that I found out who the grandfathers knew as Aki-egwaniizid (all that covers the earth). It was there when I realized that I belonged surrounded by learning and understanding and growing in more ways than I could ever imagine. She also used to speak of wanting to gather many miigis shells in which to make a jingle dress. She was a caring woman with many passions and one of those passions was for teaching. While our paths together were at times full of trial and error, she gave me so much of herself and I just did not understand until she passed into the spirit world. The bear skin she wears across her back represents a beautiful story I heard about a bear who rose out of the water with miigis shells clinging to his fur. When I heard this story I thought of her and painted it into the painting. I have learned so much about myself when I took that Journey to Dawn Land, the most important thing was that she gave me life and together we walked side by side. I choose to learn from what she taught me that was done through actions…I do my best now to walk the path she made for me and will do my best to show my children this path as well.” 

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2014.12.18 Written by Ellie Johnston
Good day Simone,
I love the picture above of your Mother with the Bear showing on her back with the shells. Do you have any reproductions or postcard size. Appreciate it so much if you would let me know. Chi Miigwetch, & Merry Christmas, Ellie,