Akina Awiyag Noojimowin (Healing All Nations)

Simone McLeod acrylic on canvas Healing All Nations

Akina Awiyag Noojimowin (Healing All Nations) (2014)
: Simone McLeod      
Acrylic on canvas 24 x 48 inch (ca. 61 x 122 cm)  
5,000.00 CAD/4,690.00 USD*/3.435,00 EUR*    
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Product code: ORFS1

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"Each nation is living on our canvas called Mother Earth, each bringing a unique and beautiful color to the pallet we call humanity"

- Simone McLeod

*Prices in USD and Euro are approximate and depend on the current exchange rate. The above prices are exclusive of Canadian GST, HST and PST taxes and exclusive of shipping costs, taxes, and possible customs duties and custom brokerage fees in case the painting has to be shipped to a country outside Canada. 

Please note that persons who hold a Canadian First Nations status card and live and work on their reserve are generally tax exempt.         

"We need to work together and find that balance in respect before we can heal all of our worlds. We are not so different, we should embrace who we are as individuals and meet each other with open hearts and respect and then the circle will be complete. I just know this."

Healing All Nations canvas copyright Simone McLeod
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2021.07.04 Written by Tina D’Gypsea
I absolutely love your art …. Do you have copies of this piece? If so how much are they in Canadian 🙏🏼