Bekaadiziwin (Patience)

Bekaadiziwin (Patience) cotton rag fine art paper giclée print

Bekaadiziwin (Patience)

Artist: Simone McLeod   
100% cotton rag fine art paper giclées: Limited Edition of 50   
Original Not Available   
(H X W) 24"x18" (ca. 61x45.7 cm) (original size): 150 CAD /137 USD /100 EUR* Product code: SML_02A  
(H X W) 20"x15" (ca. 50.8 x 38.1 cm): 120 CAD / 110 USD / 80 EUR* Product code: SML_02B  
(H X W) 16"x 12" (ca. 30.5 x 40.6 cm): 90 CAD /82 USD/ 60 EUR* Product code: SML_02C

*Prices in USD and Euro are approximate and depend on the current exchange rate. 

The above prices are exclusive of Canadian GST, HST and PST tax rates and exclusive of shipping & handling costs, and exclusive of shipping & handling charges, taxes, and possible customs duties and custom brokerage fees in case the painting has to be shipped to a country outside Canada.


Note: Giclée stretched on canvas (Gallery Wrap). For regular wraps with black edge +10%. The prints come with signed and numbered Certificate of Authenticity.

When ordering through the contact form please mention the item number and the desired quantity of the desired print. Please state which payment method you would like, which can be found in the order guide.

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Maang and the virtue of patience

In our culture, Maang, the Loon, is an important and beloved figure. Not only does he play an important role in the social and political framework of our communities, he is also the protagonist of many a sacred story.

Maang is a skillful fisher known for his loud, wild cry, and although gete-aya'aag - the ancestors - were very fond of him, his habit of assuming his role of subchief, sometimes executive-chief-of-birds, with pomp and authority, has definitely not made him very popular with the rest of the birds...this print depicts a female Maang embodying the virtue of patience, as she has started to lay eggs and incubate...I believe that many valuable lessons can be learned from the birds and the animals.