Debwewin (Truth)

"Truth is to know all the other Grandfather Gifts. Be true in everything you do."

Simone McLeod Ojibwe Woodland style art print Debwewin

Debwewin (Truth)

Seventh and last print of the Open Edition serigraph series "Gifts of the Grandfathers"
Miniature serigraph print on 90 lb paper
Print size: 8.5” x 5.5” (ca. 21.6 x 14 cm)
Print fits perfectly into standard 5 x 7 inch frame
This print belongs to a set of seven; each print can be purchased individually as well as in the complete set.
Please consider that the Grandfather Gifts (Teachings) as a whole have no real value without the ownership and understanding of each individual Gift/Teaching. To leave out any of them is to embrace the opposite of what that Teaching is about.
Price: 20 CAD (16 USD*, 14 EU*, 1,862 JPY*) including shipping and handling, 5% GST excluded.
Set of seven serigraph prints: 140 CAD (110 USD*, 98 EUR*, 13 JPY*) including shipping and handling, 5% GST excluded.
Each set of prints is printed in Canada and produced with the highest quality of printing techniques. Image protected by Simone McLeod Fisherstar Creations Copyright.

*Actual prices depend on the current rates of exchange.

When ordering through the contact form please mention the title and the desired quantity of the desired print. When ordering the complete set or more than one set please mention "Gifts of the Grandfathers" and the desired quantity. Please state which payment method you would like, which can be found in the order guide.


Gifts of the Grandfathers
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