From the Bosom of the Earth Springs Our Love

Sterling silver wedding rings My Love Springs from the Bosom of The Earth

Wedding rings product information

Title: Nizaagi’idiwininaan wanji-mizakamig (From the Bosom of the Earth Springs Our Love)
Type: Ojibwe-style graphic overlay wedding ring with inlays
Materials: sterling silver

Thickness: 0.071 in (1.8 mm)
Width: 0.354 in / 9 mm
Set price from: 657.00 USD* / 820.00 CAD*/ 700 EUR**


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A symbolic unity with the Earth and the Sky

Sterling silver Anishinaabe pictographic style wedding ring set Bosom of the Earth

Nizaagi’idiwininaan wanji-mizakamig, “From The Bosom Of The Earth Springs Our Love”, thus is the poetic title of this sterling silver wedding ring set of a sleek, organic design, which combines the overlay silversmithing technique with the typical “pictographic” outline style of Native Medicine (Woodland) painting. 


The outline of the Sleeping Giant, a rock formation that magically juts out of the water of Thunder Bay in Lake Superior, is a favorite design inspiration for jeweler Zhaawano.


The two halves of the wedding rings’ exteriors, divided by a cut out, flowing outline inspired by the dramatic silhouette of the Sleeping Giant, represent the bodies and spirits of two life partners becoming one with each other and with Aki (Mother Earth) and Giizhig (Father Sky).


The stylized, inlaid silhouettes of their faces rise up out of the Earth, the anatomical features of their bodies joining the earth's surface and the sky region (symbolized by the inlaid sun and moon figures depicted at the bottom of the rings) in one fluid motion; thus the life partners become a symbolic unity with the Earthmother herself and with all of the Universe. From Aki's fertile womb they sprang, and unto her they shall return...