A poem dedicated to my son Brian

i see you there
out in the cold
alone and empty
no one to hold

i see the stains
upon your heart
hiding the beauty
the world forgot

can i call you
my sweetest friend
hold you so close
without an end

where and what
is this place we find
a world where love
gets left behind

hold my breast
feel my heart beat
my tears they fall
for the cold street

that eats them whole
the ones like me
those poor lone souls
no one can see

my insides twist
wrenched deep in sweat
through my closed lids
i can't forget

i held the child
i loved him so
but mother's love
can be quite slow

please take away
this pain inside
and find my grief
a place to hide

how can it be
the sunlight's cold
and darkness cloaks
what once was bold

i walk alone now
and it is by choice
please do not look
or hear my voice

just let me fade
into the past
how long tell me
can heartache last

it is a pity
do you not see
it is so sad
you do not see...

- ©Simone McLeod 8-17-2016

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