My Old Moccasins

"Jealousy" is a blanket best not worn. I look at the little girl beside me, the elder woman across from me, the women I am blessed to meet each day and I see the beauty of who they are. When I wore a younger woman's moccasins, I saw them as competition. I am never certain if this is normal for when something is causing me stress I have a tendency to dissect the possibilities as to what is the root cause. I usually search through files relating to inter-generational sexual abuse and other issues that might cloud my objectivity.

I believe that for me jealousy happens when my self-esteem is very low. My faults are magnified, another woman's attributes are magnified and suddenly I feel like the ugliest person on earth. I found that by letting go of what I had been told from birth, from my childhood, from my youth, regarding what abusive people had told me in the past, should remain in the past and that a point must be made to begin to know yourself and all the great things there are about you. This opens your eyes to the beauty of others around you and the real beauty that lies inside of you and which has always been there. 

"We are all sisters in spirit and we are all truly beautiful."

- Simone McLeod, Feb 2014

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