Does a Canoe Have Dreams?

I know this much:
A jiimaan is made of birch bark.
Birches are spirits capable of dreaming
Therefore I believe my jiimaan can dream.

Perhaps one day, soon

my jiimaan will dream a dream as fluid
as the rivers and streams crossing Nimaamaa-aki
and as strong as the roots of the cedar trees 
standing tall on the rocky banks of Gichi-gami.

As if powered by a mysterious force beyond, 
this dream steers my jiimaan along scarlike slopes
and enchanted beaches of the finest multi-colored sand
along places filled with mysteries and lessons and songs.

Through the roar of rushing waves that sing rhythmic songs 
of magic tales washing ashore since the dawn of times
Haw sa, my jiimaan will take me to that hidden place
That special cove I can finally call my home.


- ©Zhaawano, 11-28-2013

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