Can You See Me?

I sit here for all to see 
time will never let me be 
there is just a shell in place 
required looks upon my face 

puppet shows are truly sad 
so many strings so many had 
sure make me smile as if on cue 
I will never again belong to you 

you forgot you had your chance 
to make my heart sing and dance 
instead you laid it on the floor 
now I won't look back anymore 

A shell sits quiet in my stead 
the dreams are alive inside my head 
my heart belongs somewhere else 
my love for me well it now dwells 

in a place you will never find 
for I have left that all behind 
I walk free to my own songs 
I found out now where I belong 

distant shores my spirit flight 
longing waiting for the night 
when I can go where I am whole 
where I can glimpse my very soul 

Hold my heart in your strong hands 
it matters not where we will land 
my life is such a happy place 
I feel your hands now on my face 

I am not a puppet I am now me 
no more strings for all to see 
my feet are dancing wild and free 
I ask now Can You See Me?

- ©Simone McLeod, August 10,  2013

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