An Evening Reflection At The Lake

distinct thoughts of self
in our hearts and in our lives
do they let us see who we really are
on the surface
what lays in murky depths


where the essence of our beings hide
only when through reflection
do we flay helplessly exposed,
open and seen
by one such as our own image


we must embrace patience
listening to sounds
in the gentle eastern winds
listen to the waters that run
through each of us

sometimes a gentle trickle
like a tinkling laugh
sometimes a raging river
roaring and fighting
like a fish on a stubborn line


when the fisher star sits in sight
water's calm reflections
are no longer murky
easily wiped away with the wave of a hand
on cool waters laying still

gazing upon your image
no more turmoil
trust is reached
there is only looking in wonder
at how easily reflections can touch

confidence is like life's breath
in and out like evening mists
created by being’s mouths
so close
so close to

where stories of sacred beings
can be whispered
taken by each
to a world up above
to a world down below...

- ©Simone McLeod , Feb 21, 2013

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