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Boozhoo! Biindigen, hello, welcome! We are Simone McLeod and Zhaawano Giizhik. We proudly introduce NibiDesign™, a brand new collection of paintings and prints as well as various lines of jewelry and, in the near future, a line of t-shirts. All artworks, products, and designs are based on Native American/First Nations water-related themes. Through this new project we want to help create public awareness of the need to preserve the Water, our Mother Earth, and our Lands for the sake of the future generations. We believe it is time we honor and celebrate Nibi Manidoo, the Spirit of the Water ~~ Because Nibi is the source of all rivers, lakes, seas, and oceans ~~ Nibi is the sacred lifeblood of our Earthmother ~~ Nibi brings life and growth to our relatives the plants and animals ~~ Nibi brings physical and spiritual nourishment to the People ~~ Nibi is Medicine ~~ Nibi is Love ~~ Nibi is Life ~~ Wenjida-miigwech Nibi Manidoo, ahaaw.

Bimaaji'i Anishinaabeg Bimaadiziwin
Bimaaji'i Aki
Bimaaji'i Nibi

"Save the Way of Life of our Peoples
Save the Earth
Save the Water"

Gichi-miigwech Nibi Manidoo...

NibiDesign™: paintings, prints, jewelry & t-shirts inspired by the Spirit of the Water

Zhaawano Giizhik and Simone McLeod of NibiDesign™ proudly introduce their collection of acrylic paintings and prints as well as various lines of jewelry and t-shirts that feature designs based on Anishinaabe/Native American/First Nations water-related themes. NibiDesign™ is not just about marketing art and jewelry and trending fashion accessories; Zhaawano and Simone also aim at reminding their People of the Seven Grandfather Teachings that their ancestors passed on to them, and, last but not least, at helping to create public awareness of the need to protect Nibi, the Water. 


Sorry, we are still working on our new NibiDesign Project. There are no items online yet. Please click the below link if you like to receive an email as soon as the first paintings and products are being launched! Thank you for your patience.

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