Sky Dreamers

Native Woodland artist Simone McLeod painted a grandfather telling stories to two children, friends for life

Giizhiginaabandangig (Sky Dreamers)

Artist: Simone McLeod

Acrylic on canvas (detail) 2013

22 x 40 inch (ca. 55.9 x 101,6 cm)

Original  1,430 CAD/  1,140 USD*/ 1.000 EUR*

Product code: SZPF-4



Contact Simone McLeod or Zhaawano Giizhik for inquiries about a custom painted reproduction of the original.

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Please note that persons who hold a Canadian First Nations status card  and live and work on their reserve are generally tax exempt.


Sky Dreamers, Friends For Life

Giizhiginaabandangig, or Sky Dreamers, is a painting about two spirits who have been companions (perhaps even lovers) for thousands of years and hundreds of new births. Always equal. Always searching upon arrival of each new world for the other. Once finding each other again, running, laughing, playing and learning together again. This is not just another romantic tale. It is a story about finding balance and learning acceptance. Acceptance of each new situation. Learning by learning how to find each other and walk whatever path chosen for them this life.  

The Elder represents the grandfathers who have been watching them for many lifetimes. Teaching them and guiding them to each other before it is too late. A comfort zone in the heavens where they can sit, tell stories and share grand tales.  

"You were my best friend in the nursery. You were the boy I loved as a child. You are the man I walked beside as a woman. It is your face I will see before I take my last rest in this life and it will be your essence I first sense when I awaken again."


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