An Evening Reflection on the Lake

Akajigibiishin acrylic on canvas by Simone McLeod

Akajigibiishin (An Evening Reflection on the Lake) 
Artist: Simone McLeod
Medium: Acrylic on canvas (detail) (2012) 
aprox. 26" x 30" (66 x 76.2 cm)   
7,150.00 CAD /6,350.00 USD*/ 5.000,00 EUR*    
Product code: SZPF-2



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The story of a unique friendship

This piece, titled "An Evening Reflection on the Lake," tells a story of a unique friendship found in a place where friendship was impossible. The top figure is a Marten; the bottom figure is that of a Sturgeon. It is interesting that a Marten and a Sturgeon could never become friends for they would not survive in each other’s environment.

This is a very Ojibwe tale that was woven from the real lives of two people.

The top is the Marten Clan, a creature living in the land of great stories! Stories of the Grandfathers and the people and the animals and the sacred stories represented by the Fisher Star - which is the Big Dipper in the night sky.

Marten lives on land and he was always running and looking for something. The X-ray symbols inside him tell a story of the things that the sturgeon sees inside him. These symbols are exactly the same as those that Zhaawano Giizhik depicted in his painting "Wiinabozho And The Storytellers' Mirror" - it was this painting that inspired me into painting my Evening Reflection On The Lake canvas!

The Sturgeon that I painted has also sacred symbols inside of her that play an important role in the Storyteller's Mirror painting; Sturgeon represents my own doodem, the Ojibwe Sturgeon Clan. Sturgeon lives in the bottom, hidden within the depths of her mind, living a life of solitude. The Sturgeon is the science and medicine keeper of the Peoples.

I have been on a personal journey of self-discovery and as many have noticed my work is evolving into something new. These two creatures should never have met for the conditions of their worlds should never have allowed it. Like the friends in question, they live so far in conditions that would not allow them to meet. Their lifestyles would never have allowed it.

Yet one winter night the Marten spins tales on the ice by the hole and the Sturgeon swims in circles listening in awe to his storytelling. She realizes that she will hang by the opening in the ice now for the rest of her life because she glimpsed true happiness. The Fish and the Marten managed to glimpse each other and the strongest friendship in the world was born.

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