Thunder Leaf

Native American Anishinaabe inspired ladies' ring Animikiibag

Ring product information

Title: Animikiibag (Thunder Leaf)  
Type : Two-prong ladies' ring containing a hand-cut, free-form Kingman turquoise stone setting and a setting of a red coral pear-shaped cabochon.
Materials : Sterling silver, Kingman turquoise, red coral
Price : 604.00 USD* /815.00 CAD*/605,00 EUR**  
Item number : RINGS-5

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Thunder Leaf silver and turquoise ring with a Native American theme

Symbolism of the ring

ANIMIKIIBAG (THUNDER LEAF), sterling silver ring set with Kingman turquoise and red coral. The ring consists of a two-wire shank.  Although the ring design is reminiscent of the classic Dineh (Navajo) style, its symbolic theme is based on Anishinaabe tradition. The elegantly stylized silver leaf symbolizes Wiigwaas, the king-child of the Thunder Beings. The blue color of the free-form Kingman turquoise that I cut and shaped to match the silver leaf stands for Zhaawanong, the warm south, the dwelling place of Wiigwaas’s winged Fathers, while the red in the coral depicts the blood relationship between Birch Tree and the Thunderbirds. See also my art blog.