Manidoo (Spiritual Power)

Native American Ojibwe eagle and bear paw feather pendant of 14K gold set with sapphire

Manidoo (Spiritual Power)

Type : Native American eagle feather pendant with a bear paw tip set with a precious stone
Materials 14K yellow gold, 0.08" (2 mm) brilliant-cut blue sapphire or turquoise cabochon
Sizes : approx.. 0.35” wide and 1.5” long (9 mm wide and 38 mm long); total length including the pendant loop: 1.89" (ca. 48.3 mm) 
875.00 CAD* / 670.00 USD*/ 650,00 EUR **  (14K gold pendant connector included)         
Item number s: JEWELRY-1-20-sapphire

*Shipping costs included, US and Canadian tax rates excluded.
**Shipping costs excluded, Dutch BTW included.

Please note  that persons who hold a Canadian First Nations status card and live and work on their reserve are generally tax exempt.

Note: This eagle feather pendant can also be ordered with a lapis lazuli stone or a red coral (or any precious stone of your choice) mounted on the bear paw tip. Ask the jeweler for options and prices.

When ordering or inquiring for details or prices please do not forget to mention the item number of this piece of jewelry.

Connected Spirits

MIGIZI the Bald Eagle was chosen to represent the Teaching of Love because Migizi flies high above the earth and sees all that is true, and is therefore closer to GICHI-MANIDOO (the Great Mystery) than any other creature. Love is the most elusive of all virtues and no other creature is so elusive as this mighty spirit-bird, and love has the same light and airy nature as his plumes. 

The gete-aya'aag, the Elders of the olden days also explained that Grandfather Bear and Grandfather Eagle are connected spirits. Doesn't Migizi teach humankind that wisdom and courage cannot exist without each other? Isn't there great wisdom in understanding that one cannot know love unless one is courageous? Isn't it so that one cannot walk the path of life without making changes once in a while and doesn't it take great courage to actually bring about the change? 

For this, explained the gete-aya'aag, the eagle and the bear ought to be honored, always. No symbol is more powerful than an Eagle feather and a Bear paw combined...

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Gold eagle feather pendant with bear claw tip set with turquoise

Image: 14K gold pendant mounted with a turquoise cabochon on the bear paw tip (item # JEWELRY-1-20-turquoise).

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