Knowledge on The Road of Life/Doodem of Learning

Ojibwe Bizindamowin/Gikendamaawin Doodem gold and stone collar necklace

Title: Bizindamowin/Gikendamaawin Doodem (Acquired Knowledge on the Road Of Life/Totem of Learning)
Artist: Zhaawano Giizhik
Type : Choker necklace and matching post-back earrings
Materials : 14K white gold, 18K yellow gold, sterling silver, and turquoise; the post-back earrings consist of 14 K white gold and red coral 
Price : jewelry set constructed of 14K white gold wires and white gold earrings with sterling silver backings: 2,935.00 USD* / 3,930.00 CAD* / 3.190,00 EUR**  
Price : jewelry set constructed of sterling silver wires and earrings: 2,500.00 USD* /3,345.00 CAD*/2.700 EUR**
Item number

  • JEWELRY 1-7 WGW (White gold wires and post-back earrings with sterling silver backings)
  • JEWELRY 1-7 SSW (Sterling silver wires and post-back earrings)


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We learn as we walk the Path of Life

The above collar necklace, designed and hancrafted by Zhaawano in his wedding rings studio in the Netherlands, was born of a theme that is based on the age-old Teachings of the Midewiwin Society of his ancestors, the Ojibwe Anishinaabeg from the North American Great Lakes area.

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