Biidaaban (First Light from the East)

A patented jewelry line featuring elegant eagle feathers, Gallery 1

Ingoding gaawiin memwech jiwaabamamind migizi; ingoding etago jinoondawaad, bizindo weweni.

Sometimes you don't have to see the eagle; sometimes you just have to hear it, listen to it carefully.*

In Anishinaabe tradition, eagles are considered powerful spirits of the Eastern Direction. As Grandfather Eagle soars across the skies, the Anishinaabe knows he is carrying the prayers of his People to Gichi-manidoo, the Great Mystery, and one will always thank him with asemaa (tobacco) in one's hand. His graceful feathers are viewed as manidoog (spirits) in themselves and therefore honored with great care and shown the deepest respect. He/she who is worthy to receive an eagle feather will carry it with grace and dignity and respect by walking the road of life in the ways of the Seven Grandfather Teachings...

Listen to the voice of the Eagle. Listen for him soaring in solitude and let his flight and sharp vision guide your spirit and heart in seeking strength and fullness and love. Seek his power in the lightness and grace of his feathers. Click on the below thumbnails and find his spirit in the quiet elegance of the jewelry displayed; then choose a piece or a set that speaks to you, that you love and will treasure as long as the eagle flies...

*Proverb courtesy of Anishinaabe Inini.