Biidaaban (First Light from the East)

Eagle feather jewelry of silver and gold, Gallery 2

Welcome to Gallery 2 of Zhaawano's collection of patented eagle feather jewelry.

The eagle feather has great significance for the peoples of the Anishinaabe Nations when it comes to healing ceremonies and ceremonies that honor and respect other people and Nations. Eagles and their feathers are considered living prayers. They are seen as teachers and instruments of the lessons of the Seven Grandfather Teachings and of the ancient principle of mino-bimaadiziwin; how to live honest and wholesome lives and to walk the road of life in balance with nature. 

Grandfather Eagle sees and hears all and sits in the East on the Medicine Wheel embodying virtues like love, courage, and leadership. When ones sees an eagle flying overhead, one should always give thanks to it with asemaa (tobacco) in hand...