Sky Medicine Bear

Giizhigomashkiki Makwa (Sky Medicine Bear) silver belt buckle

Title: Giizhigomashkiki Makwa (Sky Medicine Bear)    
Type : Massive Woodland-style domed graphic overlay belt buckle 
Materials : sterling silver, turquoise, red coral
Sizes : approx. 3.3" x 2.4" (84 x 61 mm)

P rice : 1,566.00 USD* / 2,060.00 CAD* / 1.500 EUR**
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*Shipping costs included, US and Canadian tax rates excluded.
**Shipping costs excluded, Dutch BTW included.

N.B.  Prices are indicative  and depend on the current silver and turquoise prices and the actual currency rates. Please note that persons holding a Canadian First Nations status card  and living and working on their reserve  are generally tax exempt .

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A dream of a Sky Bear

Since time immemorial the Anishinaabe Peoples  dream of Makwa the bear  as offering to give medicines for the healing of man. With regard to herb medicine, Makwa is considered by herb specialists as ogimaa (leader) of all animals, which means that if a person dreams of Makwa he or she was chosen by the bear to be expert in the use of medicine made from plants and berries for curing illness.

The design of the buckle is inspired by a dream the jeweler once had - about people dancing in what appeared to be the sky reflected in a large blue lake, accompanied by a bearlike figure that appeared to be 'swimming', around Giizis, the sun. Zhaawano never understood exactly what it meant but he knew he had to make this buckle.

Heya~wya~whe~ H ͤya~whe~yawhe~yaw!
Heya~wya~whe~. H ͤya~whe~yawhe~yaw!
H ͤya~whe~yawhe~yaw! H ͤya~whe~yawhe~yaw!
H ͤya~whe~yawhe~yaw! H ͤya~whe~yawhe~yaw!

Manidoo-makwa, gaa-bi-naagozid
Manidoo-makwa, bi-gizhaawenimishinaan!

(Yes-sey, yes-sey, yes, yes, yes!
Yes-sey, yes-sey, yes, yes, yes!
Yes-yes-yes! Yes-yes-yes!
Yes-yes-yes! Yes-yes-yes!

Spirit Bear appears here.
Spirit Bear! Come, have zeal for us!))

- Ojibwe Anishinaabe Ogichidaa (Warrior) Sundance song to the spirit of the Bear

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