Sun Dancer in the Sky

Giizisonaamid Ishpiming Anishinaabe gold eagle feather jewelry set

Sun Dancer in the Sky

Title: Giiziso-naamid Ishpiming (Sun Dancer in the Sky)
Artist: Zhaawano Giiizhik  
Type: Set of ladies' eagle feather collar necklace and matching post-back earrings
Set of a 21K yellow gold eagle wing feather pendant and 21K yellow and red gold eagle tail feather post-back earrings. Collar necklace of colored titanium and 18K yellow gold tube fastening. Tips of eagle feathers are mounted with pear-shaped red coral cabochons set in sterling silver.
Materials: 21K and 18K yellow gold and red gold, sterling silver, titanium
Sizes: Pendant: approx. 0.35” wide and 1.5” long (9 mm wide and 38 mm long); total length including the pendant loop: 1.89" (ca. 48.3 mm). Post-back earrings: approx. 1.57" long x 0.93" wide (40 mm long x 10 mm wide)
Item numbers:

JEWELRYSET-5-21 (Set of necklace and earrings: feathers and necklace fastener executed in 18K and 21K gold and sterling silver)
JEWELRYSET-5-14 (Set of necklace and earrings: feathers and necklace fastener executed in 14K gold and sterling silver)
JEWELRYSET-5-NECKL-21 (necklace and pendant executed in 21K gold)

JEWELRYSET-3-2 (set of earrings executed in 21K gold: click here to see details)

Prices: From  1,225.00 USD* /  1,625.00 CAD*/ 1300,00 EUR** (JEWELRYSET-5-21)
            From 1,085.00 USD* / 1,440.00 CAD*/ 1015,00 EUR** (JEWELRYSET-5-14)
            From  530.00 USD* / 705.00 CAD*/ 600,00 EUR** (JEWELRYSET-5-NECKL-21)
            From  777.00 USD*/ 1,043.00 CAD* / 800,00 EUR ** (JEWELRYSET-3-2)

*Shipping costs included, US and Canadian tax rates excluded.
**Shipping costs excluded, Dutch BTW included.

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Follow the path of the Sun Dancer

The Peoples of the Anishinaabeg have always placed great significance on the sun. Mishoomis Giizis (Grandfather Sun) is central to some of our principal aadizookaanan (traditional stories).

To our People, Giizis is the symbol of GICHI-MANIDOO, the Great Mystery, and a spirit grandfather who guides all beings on Earth with his light and causes things to grow with his warmth. As he gives the gift of life once a day, it is renewed at dawn on the following day. Migizi, the white-headed eagle, is often associated with the western direction and the dawn and sunrise; the sun and the eagle have always had a close and powerful bond in the stories of our People, and sometimes they were even seen as interchangeable Aadizookaanag (Spirit Grandfathers; literally: Makers of Stories).

Giizis-niimi'idiwin, or the Sun Dance, a yearly ritual involving self-sacrifice and petitioning to the Spirit Grandfathers of the Universe to insure harmony between all living beings, is believed to have been originated with the Nakawē-Ojibwe Anishinaabeg Nations of the northern High Plains, and, from there on out, to have spread south and west to a great variety of Native Nations of the western Great Plains. In the ceremony, that is usually held at the peak of the summer seasons, in the moon when the chokecherry bushes are ripe, Migizi the eagle plays a crucial role as facilitator of communication between man and the spirit world.

The Sun Dance is a test of body, mind, and spirit. The ceremony is set up in a circular structure with shade for the people that support the Sun Dancers who dance around the Sun Dance Tree, a forked pole usually made of a male azaadi (a poplar or cottonwood tree) that stands in the center of the circular enclosed dance area.

The eagle feathers of the above jewelry set symbolize Migizi the White-headed eagle and, in a broader sense, denote spirit, and prayer. The jeweler chose 21K yellow gold for the feathers because of its deeply yellow color, as it resembles the warm rays of Mishoomis Giizis (Grandfather Sun). The red coral tips of the feathers stand for the fire of Mishoomis Giizis and for the blood that is being sacrificed by the Sun Dancers. The round shape of the blue titanium necklace (the blue color reflecting the blue of the sky) stands for the circular structure of the Sun Dance lodge, which, in turn, represents the Universe and GICHI-MANIDOO, the Great Mystery of the Universe itself.

The circular shape of the necklace also reminds us to follow the path Grandfather Sun is showing us on his daily cyclic journey. We will be like the Sun Dancer who, like the eagle, seeks the deepest blue of the sky, sacrificing for mino-bimaadiziwin (good life and health) for all our relatives.

As we dance and sacrifice and fly like the Sun Dancer we will move forward in life, and while we do this, we will be keenly aware of, and receptive to, many valuable lessons that unfold along the way...

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