Sky Spirit

Native American gold and red coral eagle feather pendant

Giizhigo-aadisookaan (Sky Spirit)

Type: Native American style pendant adorned with handcut beads representing the red cloth that is traditionally wrapped around an eagle feather shaft
14K yellow gold or white gold, red coral beads
Sizesapprox. 1.57" long x 0.93" wide (40 mm long x 10 mm wide), pendant connector not included
Price: 816.00 CAD* / 613.00 USD*/ 510,00 EUR **  (14K gold pendant connector included) Special price during the months of October and November737.00 CAD* / 555.00 USD*/ 450,00 EUR **  (14K gold pendant connector included)
Item number: JEWELRY-1-6 YG (yellow gold)
                       JEWELRY-1-6 WG (white gold)


*Shipping costs included, US and Canadian tax rates excluded.
**Shipping costs excluded, Dutch BTW included.


Please note that persons who hold a Canadian First Nations status card and live and work on their reserve are generally tax exempt.

14K white gold eagle feather pendant Spirit of the Eagle

Giizhigo-aadisookaan literally means: supernatural grandfather/maker of stories from the sky. Design and title of the pendant refer to the spirit and flight of Ogimaa Migizi, the bald eagle. American Bald Eagles are considered sacred within all indigenous Native American communities across Turtle Island (North America). Eagle feathers are viewed as spirits in themselves, and therefore honored with great care and shown the deepest respect.

The Elders tell us that carrying an eagle feather is a sacred act and that it comes along with great responsibilities since it is believed the power of a feather comes directly from the Thunderbirds; a person who is worthy of bearing an eagle feather must therefore acknowledge that he or she is recognized by the Thunder Grandfathers themselves as being able to use their formidable spirit powers.

To be given a feather of Ogimaa Migizi or Gimishoomisinaan Giniw (Grandfather Golden Eagle) is therefore one of the greatest honors to receive, because it recognizes achievement and great acts or deeds.

*Please do not forget to mention the item number of this piece of jewelry.

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2017.01.18 Written by Melissa Twofeathers
Gorgeous. Refined but also powerful in its simplicity. You managed to catch the spirit of migizi in the pendants. Very beautiful! Miigwech.