Round Dance of the Sky Bear People

Detail of necklace Round Dance of the Sky Bear People Native American Bear Fetish style necklace Round Dance of the Sky Bear People
Detail of the collar necklace Sky Bear

Title: Giizhigomakwawininiwag Waagishimon (Round Dance of the Sky Bear People)
Type: Choker necklace with bear fetish pendant
MaterialsTitanium choker necklace with 14K gold tube-fastening and a 'bear fetish' pendant of a natural hand-cut turquoise stone set in 14K gold and with a sterling silver back; eagle feather dangle pendant of 14K gold set wit a brilliant-cut sapphire
Sizes: ca. 1.18 x 0.79 in (ca. 30 x 20 mm) pendant (feather not included) 
Price: 2,350.00 CAD* /1,835.00 USD*/1.800,00 EUR**           
Item number: JEWELRY-1-16


*Shipping costs included, US and Canadian tax rates excluded.**Shipping costs excluded, Dutch BTW included.

Please note that persons who hold a Canadian First Nations status card and live and work on their reserve are generally tax exempt.

Dream of the Sky Bear Dancers

Ever since the days of old, the Anishinaabe Peoples have dreamed of Makwa the bear as offering to give medicines for the healing of man. To this day, Makwa is considered by mashkikikwewag and mashkikiwininiwag (female and male herb specialists) as ogimaa (leader) of all animals. When a person dreams of Makwa he/she knows he/she is chosen by the bear to be expert in the use of medicine made from plants and berries for curing illness.

This elegant necklace - the sleek and minimalistic design of the turquoise pendant being reminiscent of the Native American “bear fetish” style of the Southwest - is inspired on a dream the jeweler once had - about ancestor-like figures dressed in bear hides dancing in the sky around Giizis, the sun. The following days he sat at his workbench and rendered his dream into precious metal and stone. This resulted in, among other pieces, the above necklace and a silver belt buckle made in the graphic (outline drawing) style of the Native Woodland Art.

The circular shape of the blue titanium choker necklace symbolizes the circular motion around the sun of the dancing bear people of the dream; the gold eagle feather attached to the gold and turquoise “bear fetish” pendant, its tip adorned by a sparkling blue sapphire, represents manidoo-waabiwin (seeing in a spirit way) and, in particular, inaabandamowin (the dreaming state of consciousness).

Heya~wya~whe~ H ͤya~whe~yawhe~yaw!
Heya~wya~whe~. H
ͤya~whe~yawhe~yaw! H ͤya~whe~yawhe~yaw!
ͤya~whe~yawhe~yaw! H ͤya~whe~yawhe~yaw!

Manidoo-makwa, gaa-bi-naagozid
Manidoo-makwa, bi-gizhaawenimishinaan!

(Yes-sey, yes-sey, yes, yes, yes!
Yes-sey, yes-sey, yes, yes, yes!
Yes-yes-yes! Yes-yes-yes!
Yes-yes-yes! Yes-yes-yes!

Spirit Bear appears here.
Spirit Bear! Come, have zeal for us!)

- Ojibwe Anishinaabe Ogichidaa (Warrior) Sundance song to the spirit of the Bear