Sky Spirit

Sky Spirit gold and red coral eagle feather earrings by ZhaawanArt

Type: Native American style post-back earrings adorned with beads representing the red cloth that is traditionally wrapped around an eagle feather shaft
14K yellow gold or white gold, red coral beads
Sizesapprox. 1.57" long x 0.93" wide (40 mm long x 10 mm wide)
Price: 1,197.00 CAD* / 911.00 USD*/ 850,00 EUR ** 
Item number: JEWELRY-3-4 YG (yellow gold)
                       JEWELRY-3-4 WG (white gold)


*Shipping costs included, US and Canadian tax rates excluded.
**Shipping costs excluded, Dutch BTW included.

Please note that persons who hold a Canadian First Nations status card and live and work on their reserve are generally tax exempt.

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*When ordering please mention the item # of this set.

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2021.12.19 Written by Teresa
I'm quite sure at those prices not a lot of NDNs will be wearing your jewelry, which is beautiful, but way out of most NDNs price range.