Aki Nagamon (Earth Song)

Aki Nagamon Earth Song gold Native American Ojibwe overlay wedding ring set

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Title: Aki Nagamon (Earth Song)
Type: Ojibwe-style graphic overlay wedding ring
Materials: 14K yellow gold and 14K red gold and 14K warm yellow gold interiors
Width: 0.32 inch / 8 mm and 0.039 inch / 9 mm
Set price from: 2,347 USD* / 2,658 CAD* / 2.232 EUR**

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**Shipping costs excluded, Dutch BTW included.



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The voices of two lovers blend with the song of Aki, our Mother the Earth

Sleeping Giant Earth Song wedding rings

The dramatic outline of the Sleeping Giant, a rock formation that juts out on Lake Superior and forms the body of water that is Thunder Bay, inspired the jeweler into designing these unique wedding rings.

A local Ojibwe aadizookaan (traditional story) identifies the giant as Nanabijou (also called Nanabush, or Wiinabozho), who was overnight turned to stone when the secret location of a rich silver mine - now known as Silver Islet - was disclosed to European intruders...

The flowing graphic design that runs across the wedding rings reminds us of the relationship between man and Aki, the Earthmother. Not only does it represent the earth's surface, it also makes us aware of how closely interwoven we as humans are with the Earth which is our Mother.

The stylized silhouettes of the faces of two lovers rise up out of Aki, the anatomical features of their bodies joining the earth's surface in one fluid motion; thus earth and lovers become a symbolic unity. The red color of the lower part of the wedding rings’ surfaces symbolizes the fertile earth, while the yellow color of the other half of the ring shanks represents the sky world pervaded by the life-giving warmth of Giizis, Grandfather Sun.

Each day from sunrise till sundown Grandfather’s golden rays penetrate the womb of Mother Earth, cyclically and rhythmically, granting his awe-commanding power to nature and the spirit-infused world that surrounds us. The two human faces shown as mirror images of one another (like the Sleeping Giant depicted in mirror form) seem to rise out of the Earthmother; they appear to sing in unison a soundless song expressing thankfulness for the sacred life breath with which the Great Mystery infused the Universe that we are part of.

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2014.12.10 Written by Stephanie Miigwans
Beautiful rings, great story! Miigwech