Sacred Story of the Thunder Hawk

Sacred Story of the Thunder Hawk bolo tie with an elaborate eagle feather cord

Title: Animikii Gekek Aadizookaan (Sacred Story of the Thunder Hawk)  Type: Ojibwe-style sterling silver slide, an exclusive black leather flat-back braided cord ornamented with 18 silver eagle feathers and tips of the stylized nails of a hawk and eagle claw     
Materials: sterling silver, turquoise, red coral
Sizes: approx. 1.77 x 1.97 inch (ca. 45 x 50 mm) slide; 0.28 inch (7 mm) diamater cord
1,655.00 USD* / 2,096.00 CAD*/ 1.600,00 EUR**  (sic)  
730.00 USD* / 925.00 CAD*/ 650,00 EUR** (executed with a plain
0.157 inch (4 mm) diameter leather cord and simple conical silver tips)
Item number:
JEWELRY-5-6-ELABCORD (cord decorated with eagle feathers and stylized nails tips)
JEWELRY-5-6-SIMPLCORD (plain, undecorated cord with simple conical tips)


*Shipping costs included, US and Canadian tax rates excluded. Price depends on current Euro-dollar exchange rates.

**Shipping costs excluded, Dutch BTW included.

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Detail of eagle feather decoration bolo cord
close-up of bolo cord neckpiece

Above and left: details of black leather flat-back bolo cord decorated with sterling silver eagle feathers. The bolo cord has a flat, wide section where it goes around the back of the wearer's neck for increased comfort and a better fit under a shirt collar. Right: Close-up of the hawk head bolo slide set with turquoise and red coral cabochons. Bottom right: bangle tips of stylized nails of eagle and hawk talons set with pear-shaped red corals.

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